Clerks Propose Rule to Assist with Marsy’s Law for Florida Implementation


November 6, 2019


Jennifer Fennell, CoreMessage

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Clerks Propose Rule to Assist with Marsy’s Law for Florida Implementation


A recent Lakeland Ledger article gives the impression that Florida Clerks of Court are proposing changes to Marsy’s Law for Florida. To clarify, as part of the state constitution, Marsy’s Law for Florida can only be changed through a constitutional amendment. What is being proposed are changes to rules that govern how Clerks handle confidential information and what they should redact within case information they are processing.

This proposed rule is supported by representatives and advocates of Marsy’s Law for Florida. It will help ensure personally identifiable information about a crime victim cannot be used to locate or harass them.

In the article, Polk County Clerk of Court Stacy Butterfield and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd acknowledge Marsy’s Law for Florida has led to an increase in the confidential information their offices must redact from case files. However, Sheriff Judd says, “that’s OK. We are siding with the victims.”

“We commend Florida’s Clerks of Court, Polk County Clerk Butterfield and Sheriff Judd for all their efforts to ensure crime victims’ personally identifiable information remains confidential thereby reducing the prospect of further victimization,” said Jennifer Fennell, Marsy’s Law for Florida spokesperson.


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