What is Amendment 6?

Amendment 6 will provide Florida crime victims with rights equal to those already provided to those who are accused or convicted of a crime – nothing more and nothing less. The amendment is also known as Marsy’s Law for Florida, a crime victims’ group working to ensure that Floridians who are victims of crime, survivors, and their families are provided with clear, enforceable constitutional rights and protections. Amendment 6 is a bipartisan policy with the support of victims, victim advocates, survivors, law enforcement, state legislators and other policymakers, legal experts, and member of local communities all across Florida.

Amendment 6 Ballot Language:

Rights of Crime Victims; Judges; A proposal to amend Section 16 of Article I of the State Constitution to revise and establish additional rights of victims of crime; create Section 21 of Article V of the State Constitution to require a state court or an administrative law judge to interpret a state statute or rule de novo in litigation between an administrative agency and a private party and not merely defer to the administrative agency’s interpretation; and amend Section 8 of Article V and to create a new section in Article XII of the State Constitution to increase the age after which a justice or judge may no longer serve in a judicial office.

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