Marsy’s Law for Florida Statement Regarding Signing of Victims of Crimes Bill (SB 1012/HB 697)

Marsy’s Law for Florida Statement Regarding Signing of Victims of Crimes Bill (SB 1012/HB 697)

Statement by Jennifer Fennell, Spokesperson for Marsy’s Law for Florida


“Marsy’s Law for Florida today thanks Governor Ron DeSantis for signing the Victims of Crime Bill, which will conform crime victims’ rights language currently in Florida statute to the amended language voters placed in the Florida Constitution in 2018.

This bill will not only further clarify that victims have an absolute right to counsel, but also creates uniformity and accuracy in terms of the information law enforcement agencies provide crime victims regarding their Marsy’s Law for Florida rights. It also makes clear to everyone involved in the criminal justice system the rights crime victims have and when they should be applied.

We thank Governor DeSantis for supporting victims of crime and ensuring their rights are protected. Our deepest appreciation goes to Senator Danny Burgess, Representative Kathleen Burton, and the many co-sponsors for championing and guaranteeing rights for all victims of crime in Florida.”