Statement by Paul Hawkes, Counsel for Marsy’s Law for Florida


December 18, 2019


Jennifer Fennell, CoreMessage

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Statement by Paul Hawkes, Counsel for Marsy’s Law for Florida

Regarding the Tallahassee Police Department’s Decision to Release More Information About Crimes

“Marsy’s Law for Florida applauds Tallahassee Interim Police Chief Steve Outlaw and the Tallahassee Police Department on its recent decision to provide the community with additional information regarding area crimes and current investigations without compromising the confidentiality rights of crime victims.

While law enforcement agencies across the state are working diligently to adhere to the provisions of Marsy’s Law for Florida, they should continue to provide information that is in the best interest of public safety. A reasonable interpretation of the law includes providing information about the nature of the crime itself, gender and age of the victim, and a general location where the crime occurred as long as that information does not contain any personally identifiable information that could be used to locate or harass the crime victim.

We commend Interim Chief Outlaw on balancing his duty to inform the community with crime victims’ constitutional right to automatically keep their personal information confidential. It is a balance that can be struck to the benefit of both the community and the crime victim.”