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Marsy’s Law for Florida Commemorates Fifth Anniversary of Passage with Display in the Florida Capitol

TALLAHASSEE – To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the passage of Marsy’s Law for Florida, the organization set up a display in the Florida capitol to increase awareness of the constitutional rights now afforded to Florida crime victims. Placed around the rotunda of the capitol are life-size cardboard silhouettes of people that feature information about the various rights and protections provided to crime victims under Marsy’s Law.

Marsy’s Law for Florida Lights Florida Landmarks Purple for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week


Marsy’s Law for Florida Statement Regarding Signing of Victims of Crimes Bill (SB 1012/HB 697)

Marsy’s Law for Florida Statement Regarding Signing of Victims of Crimes Bill (SB 1012/HB 697)

Statement by Jennifer Fennell, Spokesperson for Marsy’s Law for Florida


“Marsy’s Law for Florida today thanks Governor Ron DeSantis for signing the Victims of Crime Bill, which will conform crime victims’ rights language currently in Florida statute to the amended language voters placed in the Florida Constitution in 2018.

Statement Regarding the Passage of Victims of Crimes Bill (SB 1012/HB 697)

Marsy’s Law for Florida commends the Florida Legislature on the passage of SB 1012/HB 697 sponsored by Senator Danny Burgess and Representative Colleen Burton, which achieves two important goals for crime victims.

STATEMENT: Regarding Media Bias Related to Crime Victims’ Rights

July 16, 2021

Statement By: Paul Hawkes, Marsy’s Law for Florida Counsel


“Today I will be participating in a panel discussion regarding Marsy’s Law for Florida taking place at the Florida Press Association annual conference. While I anticipate that I will be the only proponent of Marsy’s Law on the panel and the conversation will be fairly one-sided, I find it critical that we continue to educate every Florida citizen about the crime victims’ rights and protections now available to them thanks to Marsy’s Law for Florida.


ICYMI: Marsy’s Law for Florida gives victims of crime a voice


In a recent op-ed in the Northwest Florida Daily News, former judge Representative Patt Maney outlined the many positive benefits Marsy’s Law for Florida has provided victims of crime since it was placed in the state constitution in 2018.

One of the Marsy’s Law for Florida rights Rep. Maney addressed in his opinion piece was the right to keep personally identifiable information confidential. From his viewpoint has been behind the bench, this is one of the most important rights because it offers victims peace of mind they did not have before and helps them feel protected from further victimization.