Marsy’s Law will ensure families aren’t forgotten

I believe victims have the right to be heard and the right to be notified about developments in their cases. This is why I am supporting Marsy’s Law and why I urge all Floridians to do the same.

Ten years ago, a distracted driver killed my husband. One young person’s terrible judgment robbed me of the man I love, our children’s father, and our family’s primary provider.

In the midst of our terrible grief, we were forced to deal with a system that at best made us feel small and at worst made us feel nonexistent. We never learned whether the young man driving the car that night was formally charged, nor were we given any opportunity to speak in court or at a sentencing hearing.

To make amends, this person was required to write my family a letter of apology and to complete a certain number of community service hours. We spent years trying to find anyone who could tell us whether the letter had been written or if he had completed the community service. We were left in the dark, which was not only infuriating, but wholly disrespectful to my husband’s memory. We still have not received a letter and it has been more than a decade.

If Marsy’s Law makes it onto the ballot and the voters approve it, families like mine will no longer feel forgotten as they seek justice for their loved ones. Victims will not have to worry about being overlooked in the justice system. We will have information. Everyone knows knowledge is power, and that power is often the key to healing. I implore everyone to support this proposal for victims and their families in the state of Florida.

– Judy Kitchen