ICYMI: Marsy’s Law for Florida gives victims of crime a voice


In a recent op-ed in the Northwest Florida Daily News, former judge Representative Patt Maney outlined the many positive benefits Marsy’s Law for Florida has provided victims of crime since it was placed in the state constitution in 2018.

One of the Marsy’s Law for Florida rights Rep. Maney addressed in his opinion piece was the right to keep personally identifiable information confidential. From his viewpoint has been behind the bench, this is one of the most important rights because it offers victims peace of mind they did not have before and helps them feel protected from further victimization.

Rep. Maney also discussed the importance of Florida crime victims knowing that these rights are available to them and that victims’ rights are implemented consistently across the state.

Giving victims a voice and a place in the judicial process is necessary because as Rep. Maney says, “it’s critical that victims know they aren’t just a number in a massive bureaucracy, but that their stories matter and that they deserve justice.


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Marsy's Law gives victims of crime a voice | Guest View

By Patt Maney | Guest Columnist

In 2018, a supermajority of Floridians voted in favor of Marsy’s Law for Florida, which provides clear, constitutionally enforceable rights to victims of crime.